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Everything about structural glass spacer tapes

What is structural glazing spacer tape?

3 S Structural  glazing tape is used as a spacer during window fabrication and facade construction. It provides an inital fixation of the glass panel.It maintains the required distance    ( mostly 6.4 mm) in order to obtain the exact specified silicone thickness.It stabilises the components while the sealing silicone cures.


What are the dimensions of glazing tape facade application?

Thickness            Width                   Length

5   mm                  6 mm                    16 M

6,4 mm                6 mm                    12 M

8    mm                 8 mm                    10 M

10  mm              10 mm                      6 M




Application Guide

All surfaces must be clean,dry,smooth and free of grease and contamination

Adhesion is very quick and increases over 24 hours

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