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The Key to Keeping the Underwater World Clean

Aquariums are colourful and vibrant environments that bring the underwater world into our homes. However, it is important to maintain the water quality and keep it clean for a healthy aquarium setup. At this point, aquarium filter foams are one of the indispensable tools for both amateur aquarists and expert hobbyist aquarists. In this article, you will find detailed information about the importance of aquarium filter foams, their types, how they are used and their maintenance.


Basic Tasks of Aquarium Filter foam


Mechanical Filtration: Aquarium filter foams physically trap and remove particles and excess waste from the water. This mechanical filtration process improves water clarity and positively affects the health of fish and other aquatic organisms.


Biological Filtration: Filter foams allow bacteria that accumulate on them to live and multiply. These bacteria help the aquarium maintain biological balance by converting harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite into safer compounds.


Water Circulation: Filter foams effectively circulate aquarium water, helping to spread oxygen throughout the aquarium and allowing fish to breathe freely. At the same time, they create a homogenous water environment by reducing temperature inequalities in the water.


Aquarium Filter foams Types


Sump Filter foams: Sump filter foams, which are generally used in large aquarium systems, allow the water to be cleaned by passing it through another chamber (sump). These foams provide effective filtration in large volume systems.


Circulation Filter foams: These foams are used to increase the water circulation in a certain area of the aquarium and are especially effective in cleaning the wastes accumulated in the corners.


Internal Filter foams: This type of foam filters placed inside the aquarium are generally suitable for small and medium-sized aquariums. They provide both mechanical and biological filtration.


Foam Block Filters: Foam block filter foams, which usually have different pore sizes, are particularly effective in biological filtration. Their large surface area allows bacteria to settle easily.


Use and Care of Aquarium Filter foam


Correct Positioning: It is important to place the filter foam in the correct position in the aquarium. It should be placed in the centre of the aquarium to improve water circulation and effectively remove waste.


Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning of filter foams is important to improve their efficiency. They need to be cleaned periodically to remove excessive accumulated waste and help bacteria multiply in a healthy way.


Biological Filter Maintenance: Since the bacterial colonies that form on filter foams help the aquarium maintain biological balance, excessive cleaning of the foam should be avoided to avoid killing these bacteria.


Backup and Replacement: Filter foams can wear out over time. If there are cracks or major damage on the foam, they should be replaced. It is also important to have spare foams in case of emergencies.

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